Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for an audition?

    You will need to register for a category, in either the singing, acting, dancing or stunt categories. Please read through all the roles requirements carefully before registering your interest. To register, simply visit our website and register for an audition in your closest capital city.

  • How old do I need to be to apply for an audition?

    It is a legal requirement that all performers must be a minimum of 18 years of age on the day of their audition.

  • What do I need to apply for an audition?

    You will need to fill in your personal details online and ensure you have a current head shot and up-to-date resume. All roles will also require a full length photo (all files must be no larger than 2 MB each).

  • I am an Agent. How do I register my clients?

    Once you have identified appropriate performers, we recommend you direct your performers to register themselves ensuring they note you as their agent so you are copied on all communications they receive. We recommend this to help save you time and to ensure all personal details are correct and completed at the time of registration.

    Please send your client this link and advise them to have their most current head shot, full length shot and resume ready (files must be under 2 MB), as these will need to be uploaded at that time.

    Alternatively you can register for them. Please ensure you have all of the up to date information on each performer, including height, weight, address, cell, email, headshot and resume (file size no larger than 2MB each). Each registration will take you approximately 2-3 minutes to complete. It is important to note both your email address and the performers email address on each application to ensure all audition correspondence including links to audition material is copied to both of you.

  • I am an Agent. Do I need to fill in a registration form for every artist?

    Yes. A registration form is required for each performer wishing to audition.  Once you have filled in the registration for one performer, submit and then register your next performer and hit submit. Each one should take approximately 2-3 minutes.

  • How do I select just one category to audition for when I’m good at more than one?

    Many of our performers at USJ are skilled in many categories. The trick to selecting the ‘category that describes you best’ is: read the role requirements in detail. It’s about matching the skills you have with the roles WE are casting.

    We will in most cases learn of your other skills during the audition process and consider you for cross utilisation.
    For example: If you are best at ballet but you are shorter than 165cm but still good at jazz and can sing, you would be best to go for a ‘Dancer who can Sing’ for the roles of ‘Hip or Hop’ rather than the ‘Female Dancers with Technical Training’ even though you are a ballet dancer first.

  • Can I register for more than one category?

    As we have limited time and audition slots in each city, we can only accept 1 (one) registration for each performer. This allows us the opportunity to give as many talented performers as possible the chance to audition.

    It is our recommendation that you read the role requirement thoroughly, and then register for the one category in which you are strongest and most suited.

    Please note the panel will consider you for other categories on the day of your audition if they feel that you would be strongly suited to another role.

  • When will I hear back regarding my audition?

    Once you have registered for a Singing, Dancing or Acting role, you will receive a confirmation message to acknowledge receipt of your audition registration. It will state that the panel will review your application and advice will be sent back to you within 1 day for Singers & Dancers, and 3 days for Actors.

    Once you have registered for a Stunt role, your registration will be reviewed by our stunt directors and you will receive a response within 5 working days.

    Please ensure you keep an eye on your Junk and Spam folders just in case correspondence is automatically sent to this folder.

  • What time will auditions take place on the day?

    Auditions times will vary depending on your role. Most will commence no earlier than 9am and we ask you to keep the whole day free in case you are called back for further auditions and interviews on the day.

    Please mark your audition date in your diary.

  • When do registrations close online?

    We recommend registering no later than a week prior to the audition date allowing enough time for you application to be processed and giving you time to prepare the audition materials. Best endeavours will be given to process registrations submitted after that point but no guarantees that we will still have space or be able to process your application in time .

    Note, Singing & Dancing applications can take up to 1 day to process, and Acting applications can take up to 3 days.

  • I don’t have an up to date headshot. What should I do?

    It is important the photos we receive from you are current so please feel free to send us a selfie if your head shot or full length shot is not current (older than 12 months). Please make sure that all selfies and full length photos are the best possible representation of you. The Casting Panel need clear and realistic images to ensure suitable roles and categories are allocated to each performer.

  • Where are the 2018 stunt auditions taking place?

    In 2018, live stunt auditions are taking place in Los Angeles on the 14th September, Orlando on the 21st September and Gold Coast on the 18th of October.

    For more information and to register for a stunt audition, visit:

  • Can I audition for Acting and Stunt roles?

    Yes you can register for an Acting and Stunt role if you have the skill set for both. Once you have registered for Stunt and been given a response from the Stunt Team, you will then need to contact the audition co-ordination team on and let us know what other role you would like to be considered for and we will re-submit your registration to that department.

  • Can you share any Audition Tips?

    You can hear some great audition tips and advice from current performers, as well as members of our casting panel in the videos posted in our Gallery section under ‘Testimonial Videos’.

  • I haven’t heard back regarding my registration.

    If your registration form was completed correctly, you should have received a confirmation message on your screen to acknowledge receipt of your registration.

    Please check your Junk and Spam folders for a ‘Thank you for registering’ email from This is sent within an hour of receiving your online registration to the email address you specified.

    If you still haven’t received any email correspondence from us, please contact

  • Help! I am experiencing issues when I register

    Error messages will occur when there is an issue with your registration.

    Please ensure your head shot, full length shot and  resume files are no larger than 2 MB each. Larger files cannot be loaded and may produce error messages when registering.

    Also ensure you have completed all mandatory fields which feature an *.

    If you have registered correctly, you will have received a confirmation message onscreen when you hit submit (note it can take a minute or two to appear).

    Note you can only register once. If you have tried to register a second time for an additional category, an error message will appear.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please send us an email at

  • I was unsuccessful in my audition application. Can I register for a different category?

    Yes, you can register for an audition in another category if you have been unsuccessful in obtaining an audition in your preferred category.

    You must ensure you meet all of the requirements and fulfil the criteria specified in your second category.

    Simply email us at and advise your full name and category you wish to change to. We shall respond to you within 24 hours.

  • I wasn’t successful in getting an audition last year. Should I apply this year?

    Note that the shows and roles vary each year, as does the competition and your own growth as a performer and this all can lead to renewed opportunity in the future.

    If you meet all the listed requirements and feel you are strongly suited to one of the 2018 roles on offer, simply visit our website and register for an audition in your closest capital city.

    We look forward to seeing you again!

  • Can I sing my own version of your song at the audition?

    No we require all performers to sing the material we have provided in the arrangement we have set.

  • Can I sing my own song at the audition? The song provided is too high for me.

    You may bring a song of your choice but it is essential you sing the song provided to you in our Audition Material link (sent once your audition is confirmed). We will know if it’s too high for you. It will be the same backing track as provided to you on the audition materials page. There are a number of notes in this track we are keen to hear. Please just approach the song and be smart about the high notes and don’t hurt your voice. We will still hear what we need to on the lower notes and if we need more, you will be called back to sing your own song.

  • How hard is the movement call?

    It is not hard at all. We just need to see that you can follow direction and learn some basic steps and have a good positive attitude.

  • Will I be taught a dance routine on the day or will I need to make one up?

    No, we will have our choreographer teach and guide you through the dance or movement call.

  • What is the compensation and benefits package one can expect from a Universal Studios Japan contract?

    Attractive compensations vary depending on the role you have been offered and are paid in USD monthly. Additionally there is a daily per diem to cover your food, and quarterly and completion bonuses are attached to every contract.

    Other important benefits include: Travel Insurance, Round Trip Airfares, Accommodation, Train Pass, Bicycle, Mobile Phone and Gym Membership.

    All relevant details will be provided to you (and your Agent) in full when you make the shortlist and confirmed at the time of offer.

  • When do all contracts commence for these roles?

    Contract commencement dates vary based on the role however most roles commence from late January to March 2019 and usually finish 9 to 13 months later.

  • Can I send my details via email for an audition?

    As it is the case with every audition it is much better to be seen live. Please check our 2018 audition schedule to find your closest city

    In the event you cannot make any of the audition dates, please email us

  • I have missed the 2018 Auditions. What can I do?

    2018 registrations close after each city. If you have missed us you have two options:

    1/ Send your resume, head shot and show reel Attention: John Bryan to

    2/ And/or pre-register for our 2019 auditions. Click here to register for information on our next tour.

Thank you for getting in touch. We will reply as soon as possible.